How Do Security Cameras Benefit Business Owners?

26 August 2020
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Although CCTV systems are often found in urban settings so that city authorities can monitor activities on the street, they also have a big role to play in business security. Many business owners will rely on a burglar alarm alone to secure their premises overnight but these devices are often bypassed or do not provide an adequate deterrent effect against professional criminals. How do security cameras benefit business owners and managers who want to augment the security of their enterprise? Read More 

Maintaining Employee Trust with CCTV System Installation

19 February 2020
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The installation of CCTV systems in commercial buildings has become the norm for business owners looking to improve workplace security. In some situations, however, putting up a CCTV system can be taken as a sign that you do not trust your employees, and this might not go down well with some of them. While you do not need permission from your employees to install a CCTV system, you want to maintain a cordial working relationship with them to guarantee maximum productivity. Read More