Benefits of Wireless CCTV Systems

23 December 2020
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CCTV cameras are an excellent way to protect homes and businesses from crime. When this technology was first introduced, customers could only get wired solutions featuring cables for power supply and video transmission.

However, customers can now use wireless security systems that utilise short-range and broadband technologies to communicate with a control panel or smart device. Wireless CCTV systems can either be plugged-in or solar-powered or battery-powered. The benefits of wireless monitoring systems include the following. 


Battery-operated or solar CCTV cameras come in handy in areas without power or internet. If you have a remote property that you would like to monitor, you can use wireless CCTV solutions to record motion videos. Get a security system with local memory card storage to store the footage for later viewing. Some battery-powered CCTV cameras will even sound customised alerts if anyone approaches your property.

The absence of wires means that you can install wireless systems in any desired location. You don't have to worry about proximity to outlets, and you can easily move the cameras between locations.

Easy Installation

Easy installation is the primary draw for customers who switch from wired to wireless CCTV systems. There is no need to link wires from the cameras to the recorder with wireless systems as they transmit footage via Wi-Fi.

Traditional CCTV systems required a mounting kit and drilled holes in the wall. With wireless systems, you can angle the cameras in any direction you want, and you can set them up in a short time. The ease-of-installation makes wireless CCTV systems perfect for renters since removing them is no-hassle.

Reduced Risk of Disruption

The cables used in wired systems can become frayed or worn out and disrupt the flow of footage. Wireless CCTV systems do not rely on physical connections, and you can be sure your video footage is safe at all times.

Most wireless monitoring systems send data directly to the cloud for easy access. The best systems use high-quality encryption techniques to protect your footage from cybercriminals.

Accessibility and Convenience

The integration of wireless CCTV systems and cloud storage means that you can access your footage remotely. You can also check real-time feeds through advanced control systems. Therefore, it is easier to feel more relaxed during your long holidays without worrying about your property.

Wireless CCTV signals also travel through long distances, and they can infiltrate solid objects like plastic, wood, and metal. Therefore, the cameras can transmit footage to locations that are miles away, and you can be able to work remotely with the assurance of your building's security.

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