3 Things a CCTV Expert Considers During Installation

26 July 2021
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CCTV is one of the best inventions in the security sector today. These cameras go a long way in curbing the rising number of crimes and theft in businesses. Therefore, it would be unfortunate if you failed to install the surveillance cameras on your premises with such massive benefits.  Even so, that does not mean you should handle the installation by yourself. That's because the process is complex, and you are likely to make mistakes if you lack the necessary skills. Read More 

Commercial Security Solutions: Guidelines for Selecting an Access Control System

2 March 2021
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A good access control system is essential for a reliable security solution for a commercial or industrial building. In general, this element will limit the entry of unauthorised persons while minimising the inconvenience of entry and exit for workers. Moreover, the access control setup is perfect for monitoring and regulating movement within the property. However, you must plan for the acquisition and proper installation of the security solution to ensure good results. Read More