Selecting the right security cameras for school environments

29 August 2018
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Installing surveillance cameras in schools has always been a contentious debate. There are those that argue it's an invasion of privacy, while others recognise the importance of keeping students and their property safe at all times. Indeed, schools face more threats than it may seem on the surface. Cases of violence in school, vandalism and even arson are not unheard of in school environments. With security cameras installed, such cases can reduce by either turning away potential threats or identifying them after an act is committed. Read More 

How to Improve the Surveillance Systems at Your Workplace

13 April 2018
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Office managers, facilities managers and those who are in charge of retail outlets on a day-to-day basis usually have responsibility for the basic surveillance systems that are in use. Unless you work in a big business which has its own dedicated security manager, the job of keeping an eye on employees and contractors who might be on your premises will fall to you. Only in very small enterprises will you find that the owner of the business is responsible for all security matters. Read More