Selecting the right security cameras for school environments

29 August 2018
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Installing surveillance cameras in schools has always been a contentious debate. There are those that argue it's an invasion of privacy, while others recognise the importance of keeping students and their property safe at all times. Indeed, schools face more threats than it may seem on the surface. Cases of violence in school, vandalism and even arson are not unheard of in school environments.

With security cameras installed, such cases can reduce by either turning away potential threats or identifying them after an act is committed. Here's what you should consider when selecting security cameras for your school.

1. Consider the question of privacy

It is important to be sensitive to the privacy of students and their teachers when installing surveillance cameras. A good strategy may be to only have cameras in strategic areas, such as hallways, near main entrances, in libraries and in cafeterias. In this way, the privacy of the classroom environment is still maintained, while outside activities can be monitored.

With security cameras installed in most common areas of the school, the activity of students, teachers and staff can be monitored for any irregularity.

2. Cost factors

You should also consider the cost of installing and maintaining the security cameras. It always helps to have high-quality image recording so that you can identify people's faces in the event that something happens. In most cases, wireless systems are more convenient to install but may cost more than wired systems. It is also a good idea to have an external security company manage the cameras as opposed to managing them in-house. This reduces the likelihood of the system being tampered with.

You can mitigate installation and operational costs by properly placing your cameras in strategic areas. This will reduce the individual number of cameras that you need to use, as well as the quantity of footage that will need to be recorded on a daily basis.

3. Resistance to vandalism

While security cameras play an important role in preventing vandalism, they themselves can be vandalised. It is important to install durable cameras that can withstand being easily dismantled or dislodged. It may also help to add an alarm system that can be triggered when cameras are interfered with.

Strategic placing also plays a role, where cameras are not within easy sight of people.

4. System compatibility

Schools require flexible security cameras that are compatible with multiple alarm systems and control settings. This makes it easier for the cameras to be controlled from remote locations or via mobile applications from the security company. In this way, the system can be turned on, off or modified as necessary.