Three Ways to Keep Bugs Away from Security Cameras

21 March 2022
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Security cameras are some of the greatest burglar deterrents as far as residential security goes. Outdoor security cameras provide an extra set of eyes by watching everything that goes on around your compound. However, external security cameras are exposed to the elements, including bugs such as spiders. The insects can obstruct a camera's view, blocking out critical information that you might need when reviewing footage. Besides, the creepy crawlies can trigger false alerts for motion-sensitive security cameras. Therefore, what can you do to keep obstructive bugs away from security cameras? Read on for tips.

Cover Camera Casing with Lubricant — Bugs can access a CCTV camera lens by crawling over the casing. Spiders, for instance, use the casing as an anchor point for their pesky webs. Therefore, the best way to make a security camera inaccessible for bugs is to make it slippery. You can accomplish it using various methods, including applying lubricant-based sprays, silicone or petroleum jelly. However, you must be careful when applying lubricants on a security camera casing because it is easy to smudge the lens with the lubricant, affecting the quality of the footage recorded. Therefore, covering the lens with a paper towel before applying a lubricant is recommended.

Disable LED Light — Modern security cameras are equipped with LED lighting to illuminate the surroundings and allow 24-hour monitoring. Unfortunately, the LED lighting on security cameras attracts nocturnal bugs that congregate in front of the lens. When a group of flying insects surrounds a camera's view, the footage becomes useless. Furthermore, flying insects near security cameras can easily trigger the motion sensors. The best thing you can do is disable the LED lighting on a security camera to discourage flying insects from converging in front of the cameras. However, since disabling the LED lights disables a camera's night vision, you can install an independent external IR (infrared) light to the target area. It helps illuminate the field of view while keeping bugs away from security cameras.

Cover Camera Casing with Dryer Sheet — The chances are high that you use dryer sheets on your laundry, dusting window panes, freshening rooms, and eliminating static charge on glasses. However, dryer sheets' versatility does not end there because they are excellent bug repellent. The reason is that dryer sheets are infused with strong scents that bugs find distasteful. Therefore, if you tie a dryer sheet around a security camera's casing using a rubber band, creepy crawlies and flying insects cease being a problem. It is perhaps one of the most inexpensive methods of keeping insects away from security cameras.

For more information on how to keep bugs away from security systems, contact a company near you.