Commercial Security Solutions: Guidelines for Selecting an Access Control System

2 March 2021
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A good access control system is essential for a reliable security solution for a commercial or industrial building. In general, this element will limit the entry of unauthorised persons while minimising the inconvenience of entry and exit for workers. Moreover, the access control setup is perfect for monitoring and regulating movement within the property. However, you must plan for the acquisition and proper installation of the security solution to ensure good results. Here are some core guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your access control system.

Consider the Hardware It is important to acquire the right hardware for your access control needs. The specific product chosen will determine the durability and resilience of the security system. Moreover, it could influence the ease of use. There are multiple issues that you must address before choosing the hardware. The most critical is the preferred access method. For instance, if you would like to use cards, you will need card readers when purchasing the hardware. You will also need other forms of hardware like controllers and cabinets for your system. Regardless of the chosen types of products, you must ensure that they are of great quality. Look for components from a reliable manufacturer or specialist security solutions vendors, like Gallagher channel partners.

Think about Scaling You should think about scaling your access control system before selection and installation. The security solution needs to be capable of growing with your business. If you cannot scale up, you will lose a lot of funds on upgrading after expanding your premises. In general, a good access control system should be modular. Modular setups can have sections added or removed without affecting the overall functionality of the security solution. When choosing your access control product, you should inquire from your security specialist about the ease of adding a new access point. Upgrading and even downgrading should be simple, to minimise expenses if a change becomes necessary.

Plan for Integration Finally, you should plan for the integration of the access control units to the rest of your commercial security system. Seamless integration should involve the use of a centralised platform to manage the different elements of the security setup. For instance, the access control system will need to have access to crucial human resources data to determine clearances or permits to certain areas. Also, the access points might need to be connected to alarms or monitoring products in case of a breach. For the best results, discuss the different levels of integration with your security solutions company.