Why Alarm Systems Today Are So Clever

20 December 2021
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Not so long ago, a residential alarm system would consist of a simple, switch-based sensor linked to an audible alarm bell outside. Of course, this approach was better than nothing, but it was not very high on the sophistication scale. These days, the industry has certainly moved on, and if you're thinking about installing a new alarm system, you have many different options to consider. What are some of the latest, high-tech gadgets in the ongoing battle to protect your property?

Early Action

When it comes to a potential home intrusion, time is of the essence. You need to detect any bad actors before they actually get down to work and begin the process of breaking in. To do this, you can use a number of innovative motion detectors that are also far more sophisticated than they used to be.

Better Detection

For example, think about installing a radar detector that uses electromagnetic technology rather than infrared beams. This type of sensor can provide a far more reliable and accurate solution and is less likely to be triggered by your neighbourhood cat. It can also record detailed information, such as exact location, direction and speed of movement and can be linked to a video surveillance system to gather crucial evidence.

Machine Learning

Facial recognition technology can also eliminate any false alerts. And due to enhanced processing power and machine learning algorithms, you can train your security system to become smarter and more accurate as time goes by. For example, the system will instantly recognise your family members and will also learn where they go and what they do.

Sophisticated Audio

You can pair this technology with the latest in audio sensors. Cutting-edge microphones can be preprogrammed to detect highly specific sounds and ignore everything else. Again, these audio sensors can trigger the video system and alert any monitoring station to double-check what's going on. These systems can then analyse the audio pattern with a high degree of accuracy and will only trigger the alarm system if necessary.

Taking Control

You can take full control over your property safety through the latest mobile apps. These have a range of features and, should you receive an alert, you can easily log in to find out what's going on. Some apps allow you to alert emergency services or monitoring stations by simply tapping or swiping on your phone.

Taking Swift Action

Get in touch with security system experts to discover just how sophisticated these alarm systems can be. Put them into use as soon as possible so you can protect your domain and keep your family safe. Contact an alarm systems supplier near you to learn more.