How Do Security Cameras Benefit Business Owners?

26 August 2020
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Although CCTV systems are often found in urban settings so that city authorities can monitor activities on the street, they also have a big role to play in business security. Many business owners will rely on a burglar alarm alone to secure their premises overnight but these devices are often bypassed or do not provide an adequate deterrent effect against professional criminals. How do security cameras benefit business owners and managers who want to augment the security of their enterprise?

Help Capture Criminals

One of the key aspects of security cameras that people frequently don't appreciate is just how often they are used in crime detection. According to a recent publication by the Australian Institute of Criminology, 90 per cent of investigations involve CCTV footage where it is available. Of course, if your business is subject to crime, finding out who did it may well mean that stolen items can be recovered. Remember that modern security cameras provide high-definition images that are ideal for presenting as evidence in court. The more criminals who are identified and brought to justice, the less likelihood there is of crimes being committed against businesses in the first place.

Prevent Nuisance Crime

Not all the crime businesses suffer from is serious. The sort of activity that might set off a burglar alarm and lead to a police response may not be what is causing your business a problem, after all. For example, your premises might never be broken into at night but you might suffer from littering, vandalism or anti-social activities outside, potentially upsetting staff members who are first to arrive the following morning. When people know they are being filmed with video footage that can identify them, they are likely to take such unwanted activities elsewhere and leave your commercial premises in peace.

Improve Worker Productivity

Security cameras do not just have to be used to augment security. They can also serve as a visual record of the comings and goings within your business. Without actively spying on your workforce, a CCTV system that captures images of people going through your reception area, for instance, will mean you have proof of when people are at work and when they are not. This will help resolve any disputes that might arise between office workers and managers about absenteeism or turning up to work late, for example. Furthermore, the judicious use of security cameras around a workplace can also deal with petty crime among employees, helping to prevent minor thefts and so on.

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