Wouldn't It Be Nice to Have a Video Security System That Knows Who You Are?

30 August 2017
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If you've ever wanted to give your home an extra level of security that only video monitoring can provide, you might have considered installing such a system. While cctv systems are a viable option, the constant recording of the area you wish to protect might not be necessary in a residential property, and this isn't the only recording option. Your home might instead benefit from a video monitoring system that has the ability to recognise when someone has entered your property and even to effectively approve their entry. So how does this type of video monitoring system work?

A Small Cylinder

The device essentially resembles a small cylinder and is placed in a location where its field of vision is trained on your front door. When someone enters your home, a motion detector brings the device out of standby mode and a small camera then records the face of whomever has entered. While this is all very well and good, it's only the beginning of what such a facial recognition video security system can do.

Facial Recognition

The system can be programmed to actually recognise faces, and so anyone who enters will immediately be cross checked against its database of approved persons. You will have already programmed the system to recognise you, along with everyone else who lives in your home, and perhaps even friends and family members who are regular visitors. So what happens when the system identifies a person who is not cleared for entry?

Alert Notification

These types of facial recognition video security systems are connected to your home's wireless internet, and an alert is generated when it identifies the presence of an unknown person. A notification is sent to the corresponding app on your smartphone, and you then have the ability to actually remotely see who has entered. It might be that someone who lives in your home has brought a visitor inside, and so no further action is needed. But if the person appears to be an intruder, then you can immediately notify the authorities.

Multiple Units

For such a system to be effective, each door to your home will need to have its own unit. While they can be purchased and installed yourself, you might want to use the services of a security company if multiple units need to be installed any synched.

It's rather remarkable that a video monitoring system has the ability to actually recognise someone who has entered your home, and this level of security can bring a great deal of peace of mind.