When Is It Time to Call an Electrician to Your Commercial Facility?

30 August 2017
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If you own or manage any type of commercial facility, you don't want to wait until your power goes out or there are sparks coming from outlets and electrical devices to call a commercial electrician to your facility. As with all other systems and materials in the building, it's good to have electrical components inspected, repaired and replaced as needed, before they actually start to fail or become a risk for an electrical fire or shutdown. Note when it's good to call an electrician to your commercial facility and why their work and expertise may be needed for the building's various electrical components.

New meter

If your building's electrical meter is old and dirty, makes a loud clicking noise as it works or is otherwise outdated, it's good to have it replaced as soon as possible. While the electric company may have ways of reading your electrical usage every month that don't involve a regular meter read, those meters may still get read on a regular basis, and your bill then gets adjusted. If meters are not working properly, this can mean an incorrect read, and a higher bill than what you would get otherwise. Note the expected lifespan of your building's current meter and replace it before that time frame to ensure it's always reading your electrical usage accurately.

Dust, rust and other debris around wiring

If you inspect the wiring to any electrical components, and especially to the building's circuit box, and notice lots of dust, rust, plastic pieces, or any other such debris, you want an electrician to inspect those pieces and that wiring. If there is rust developing or signs of obvious neglect, this can also mean older and frayed wires that need replacing. If you neglect this work, this can lead to electrical shorts and potential electrical fires.

Upgrades and renovations

If you've renovated the building in any way, and especially if you've upgraded the garage doors, cooling system and other such electrical pieces, you want to call an electrician. It's good to have him or her there during this upgrade and renovation work to note if the building would need new wiring in order to support those upgrades and changes, but if the work has already been done, you might still have them inspect the wiring and other components. This will ensure those pieces and systems are getting the power they need and not overloading the electrical components, leading to slow-downs or to potential damage to electrical motors and wiring.