3 Things a CCTV Expert Considers During Installation

26 July 2021
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CCTV is one of the best inventions in the security sector today. These cameras go a long way in curbing the rising number of crimes and theft in businesses. Therefore, it would be unfortunate if you failed to install the surveillance cameras on your premises with such massive benefits.  Even so, that does not mean you should handle the installation by yourself. That's because the process is complex, and you are likely to make mistakes if you lack the necessary skills. Read More 

Commercial Security Solutions: Guidelines for Selecting an Access Control System

2 March 2021
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A good access control system is essential for a reliable security solution for a commercial or industrial building. In general, this element will limit the entry of unauthorised persons while minimising the inconvenience of entry and exit for workers. Moreover, the access control setup is perfect for monitoring and regulating movement within the property. However, you must plan for the acquisition and proper installation of the security solution to ensure good results. Read More 

Benefits of Wireless CCTV Systems

23 December 2020
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CCTV cameras are an excellent way to protect homes and businesses from crime. When this technology was first introduced, customers could only get wired solutions featuring cables for power supply and video transmission. However, customers can now use wireless security systems that utilise short-range and broadband technologies to communicate with a control panel or smart device. Wireless CCTV systems can either be plugged-in or solar-powered or battery-powered. The benefits of wireless monitoring systems include the following. Read More 

The Benefits of Safeguarding Your Premises With Security Cameras

5 November 2020
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Anyone who owns their own business premises can ensure that they are much less exposed to the risk of crime by fitting additional security systems. Although burglar alarms, security screens and beefed-up locks are all good measures worth considering, one of the best investments you can make in this area is to opt for a security camera installation. Modern cameras are small and discrete but they will not go unnoticed by criminals. Read More 

How Do Security Cameras Benefit Business Owners?

26 August 2020
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Although CCTV systems are often found in urban settings so that city authorities can monitor activities on the street, they also have a big role to play in business security. Many business owners will rely on a burglar alarm alone to secure their premises overnight but these devices are often bypassed or do not provide an adequate deterrent effect against professional criminals. How do security cameras benefit business owners and managers who want to augment the security of their enterprise? Read More